//Border wall will not fix systemic immigration issue in our country | Opinion

Border wall will not fix systemic immigration issue in our country | Opinion

Skip to main content Migrants from different central american countries talk about their options amid a growing feeling that they had little hope of making successful asylum bids in the United States or of crossing the border. (Nov 27) AP Immigration in America isn’t just a recent issue. Building a wall will only add to the problems our country faces. When it comes to our country’s immigration policies, the chaos and cruelty of the past three years obscures a painful truth: the system was broken long before Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. For decades, the country has relied on the contributions of immigrants for our communities and workforce, while simultaneously restricting the options for people to migrate lawfully or gain lawful status once here. This contradiction has led us to where we are today. According to one study , removing undocumented immigrants from the Tennessee workforce would cost our state nearly $3.5 billion in annual gross domestic product. The truth is that our industries and our families rely upon immigration laws to be under-enforced to make up for the flaws in the system that we refuse to fix. That is why it is disingenuous to claim that only through maximum enforcement of those defective laws can we show our respect for the rule of law in this country. Yet that is the argument Representative David Kustoff (R-Tenn.) made in a guest column in which he called upon Congress to respond to […]

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