//Immigration: the line that divides us

Immigration: the line that divides us

ADVOCATES — Bottom left: Immigration attorney Christopher Kerosky calls the American immigration system blatantly biased against Mexicans. Right: In an El Paso hospital, Margaret Howe comforts a child whose mother was pregnant and bleeding. The bleeding stopped, and Howe took them back to the shelter to await transport to their sponsors. Howe and her husband, Gary Pace, upper left, brought a couple thousand dollars donated by friends in Sonoma County to buy snacks and other items for asylum seekers in El Paso. Photos Gary Pace and Margaret Howe, Kerosky provided High Street Salon takes on the issue of immigration Rick Rozet’s High Street Salon took on one of the most contentious political issues of the day on Friday night — immigration — offering presentations from a local immigration attorney, three local activists and an undocumented immigrant who shared her experiences of crossing the border and her life in Sonoma County. The panel sought to clarify immigration issues, expose immigration myths, provide eyewitness accounts of the humanitarian crisis at the border and propose local citizen actions. “The world is on the move,” warned local activist Margaret Howe, who cited the massive increase of displaced people worldwide (currently 70.8 million), who are refugees, asylum seekers or immigrants. “We are living in a new era of rethinking borders. It’s time to open the conversation: What do borders mean today?” she said. An immigration attorney’s view of immigration law Immigration attorney and Sebastopol resident Christopher Kerosky acknowledged the standing-room-only crowd and said the […]

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