//Migrant children held by the Obama administration still suffering 5 years later

Migrant children held by the Obama administration still suffering 5 years later

He spent a month sleeping on the floor. The room was freezing cold. His back hurt for two years. The bad cough lasted longer. Pedro Chilel Ramirez was 17 when he was picked up by the Border Patrol. He arrived in the wave of migrant children that flooded the border in 2014, but his experience may track closely with what thousands of migrant children encountered this year, and it illustrates the long-lasting effects that their time in Border Patrol custody may have on their lives. Lawsuits have alleged children held by the Border Patrol are deprived of their rights and treated inhumanely. An inspector general’s report concluded that some migrant children would suffer mental trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder. For the tens of thousands of children who arrived this year, the long-lasting effects may not have surfaced yet. Chilel said he remembers the air conditioning at the Border Patrol station in McAllen, Texas, was kept so cold it felt like he was living inside “a freezer.” He was given an aluminum blanket, but it was not nearly enough to keep warm. “We slept on mattresses thrown on the floor. It was really thin,” Chilel said, holding two fingers about an inch apart to demonstrate the thickness of the mattresses. The only thing to do all day was watch cartoons and telenovelas on a television mounted on the wall, Chilel said. In 2014, Chilel left Ixchiguan, a small town in the western highlands of Guatemala, and became one of the […]

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