//Trump Is Exploiting Coronavirus to Hurt Immigrants

Trump Is Exploiting Coronavirus to Hurt Immigrants

Mexico has 118 confirmed cases of coronavirus. The United States has nearly 16,000 cases with the number expected to grow as testing kits become more widely available. Yet, President Trump confirmed during a press conference on Wednesday that he will be closing the southern border to asylum seekers and other immigrants who are caught attempting to enter the United States illegally. Today, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that both the Mexico and Canada borders would be closed to all non-essential travel. Mr. Trump added, “During a global pandemic they threaten to create a public storm that would spread infection to our border agents, migrants and the public at large.” These actions are thinly veiled as measures to prevent the spread of the virus within detention centers, immigration personnel, and amongst Americans. But the truth is that President Trump is attempting to use a global pandemic—the virus already spreading within the borders of the United States—as a pretext to fulfill his most anti-immigrant promises. Under the new proposed rules, Border Patrol agents would return to Mexico anyone who is caught, denying asylees the only semblance of due process that was left in our system. For over a year, the Trump administration has forced more than 60,000 migrants to wait in Mexico as their asylum cases are processed. The administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy has been highly criticized as migrants wait for their immigration hearings in unsanitary conditions, amid violence and sexual assault, at migrant camps in Mexico, where they […]

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